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SynPower Xtreme XL-III 5W–30 olio lubrificante

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SynPower Xtreme XL-III 5W–30 olio lubrificante

SynPower™ XL-III Motor Oil SAE 5W–30 is a synthetic premium motor oil for personal cars with LongLife Technology that offers superior protection at extended service intervals for the newest Volkswagen engines with diesel particulate filters (DPF).

SynPower XL-III SAE 5W–30 is formulated specially for Volkswagen Euro-IV and Euro-V engines with diesel particulate filters. The product fulfils nearly all VW specifications and is particularly good for engines with ESI systems for particularly long oil change intervals up to 30.000 km or 2 years.

Valvoline SynPower XL-III SAE 5W–30 is also approved by Mercedez-Benz in page number 229.51 (which includes 229.31).

Approvals / Performance Grades:
  • ACEA C3-10
  • ACEA A3/B4-04
  • Fulfils all engine protection requirements of ACEA C2
  • Approved by the VW standard 504.00 / 507.00*
  • MB 229.51**
  • BMW Longlife-04
  • Porsche C30

* Can be used where VW 501.01, 502.00, 503.01, 505.00, 503.00, 506.00, 506.01 is required
** including Mercedes-Benz 229.31

Uses and Advantages:

  • Superior protection: By using synthetic base oils, SynPower XL-III combats the the most important causes of engine stress: heat, dirt and wear.
  • Extended oil change intervals: Suitable for extended oil change intervals by VW and MB specifications.
  • Environment: Suitable for EURO-V-Engines with diesel particulate filter.
  • Fuel efficiency: Special additives reduce emissions and fuel usage compared to reference oils.
  • Protection: Extends the service life of the engine and the diesel particulate filter
  • Storing and handling: Fewer different oils, less containers, less mistakes. Can reduce the number of necessary oils.

Field of operation Auto
Release ACEA A3
MB 229.31
MB 229.51
Porsche C30
VW 501.01
VW 502.00
VW 503.00
VW 503.01
VW 504.00
VW 505.00
VW 506.00
VW 506.01
VW 507.00
Viscosity 5W-30
Characteristics Olio sintetico integrale


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