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MaxLife 10W-40 olio lubrificante

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MaxLife 10W-40 olio lubrificante

MaxLifeTM Motor Oil SAE 10W-40 with the first formula that extends engine service life. The semi-synthetic motor-oil revitalises engines with accumulated mileage and slows ageing.

Owing to special additives such as advanced sealing maintenance components and cleaning compounds, MaxLife motor oils protect critical engine parts and ensure a long engine life. Renowned independent institutes (including the German TÜV Nord*) have recognised Valvoline's testing program and performance specifications with their seals of quality.

MaxLifeTM Motor Oil SAE 10W-40 is suitable for passenger cars and commercial vehicles with petrol, diesel and LPG engines with or without turbo chargers. For passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with over 100k TÜV-certified kilometres.
May also be used in vehicles with low mileage.
MaxLife is not intended or recommended for oldtimer and classic cars.

Approvals / Performance Grades:
  • ACEA A3/B4-04
*TÜV Certified

Uses and Advantages:
  • Exclusive Multi-LifeTM additives: Combats the four biggest causes of engine damage: leakage, dirt deposits, engine sludge and friction.
  • Volatility: Low volatility, therefore low oil usage.
  • Low oil usage: Special sealing maintenance components help lower and even stop excessive oil usage in older engines.
  • Cold cracking: The engine starts easily in cold weather due to the engine which remains clean by special alchemy.
  • Wear protection: Unique friction optimiser prevents future wear.
  • Extended engine service life: With special sealing maintenance components and cleaning compounds, MaxLife revitalises critical engine parts, ensuring a long engine service life.
  • TüV certified
  • Selected as Product of the Year by the leading technical magazine Lubricants World.

Field of operation Auto
Release ACEA A3
Viscosity 10W-40
Characteristics Olio per facilitare il movimento


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