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HC Performance III / Longlife 5W-30

HC Performance III / Longlife 5W-30

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HC Performance III / Longlife 5W-30

  • High performance motor oil based on HC synthesis oils, with specifications beyond the current VW requirements. This super motor oil can be used in nearly all Longlife engines from VW and Audi (please see the manufacturer's indications for exceptions). The novel additive technology ensures this oil is backwards compatible even with older cars without extended service intervals.
  • VW 50400 + 507.00
  • Please see the manufacturer's indications!
This high performance motor oil was developed as a standard oil for BMW, Mercedes–Benz and VW cars with exhaust treatment systems, turbo chargers and extended service intervals.

MOFIN SAE 5W-30 HC Performance Longlife is a high-performance motor oil with a wide area of applicability, developed from modern HAT / HC base oils. Its quality is the result of the interaction of the selected base oils with the modern additive system. Recommended for modern ethanol fuel engines (up to E85) as well as petrol and diesel fuel engines and emission control systems, turbo chargers.
The oil also offers extraordinary resistance against heat, good lubricity even at low temperatures and excellent protection against wear and residues.
The goal of developing this oil was fulfilling the most recent API SN for petrol. The SAE Class 5W-30 fulfils all requirements of the current ILSAC GF-5 classification.

MOFIN SAE 5W-30 HC Performance Longlife was developed to meet the requirements of modern petrol and diesel vehicles. It's particularly suited for vehicles with otto and diesel engines, with or without turbo-chargers. and is used with vehicles without extended service intervals. Its modern concept allows a wide range of applicability and ensures safe use under all circumstances.

MOFIN SAE 5W-30 HC Performance Longlife corresponds to the EU classifications of:
• ACEA A3/B4/C3 BMW Long-04, MB 229.51, VW 504.00
• API SN/CF, GM Dexos 2/1, GM 6094 M, VW 507.00
• ILSAC GF-4/ ILSAC GF – 5, Honda HTO-06, Porsche C 30, Chrysler MS-6395

Field of operation Auto
Release ACEA A3
Chrysler MS-6395
GM 6094M
MB 229.51
Porsche C30
VW 504.00
VW 507.00
Viscosity 5W-30
Characteristics Filtro purifficatore per i motori Diesel


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