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Premium Brake Fluid Dot 5.1

Premium Brake Fluid Dot 5.1

500 ml Lattina
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€ 10,60 per ogni litri

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Premium Brake Fluid Dot 5.1

15174918, L05005

Reduced viscosity and a higher boiling point of Brembo’s Premium Brake Fluids make “vapour lock” in brake systems a distant memory.

With forty years of experience in the racing world, Brembo once again positions itself at the top end of the sector with its Brembo Premium Brake Fluid product line

Brembo’s Premium Brake Fluid line falls into four categories to meet the needs of all car types.

Brembo Premium Brake Fluid DOT 5.1: with characteristics such as resistance to high temperatures and its superior viscosity value, it is recommended for high performance vehicles.

ERPB: >260°C
WERPB: >180°C
Viscosity: 900 cSt max

FMVSS 116, ISO 4925 Class 5-1

Discs, calipers, pads and master cylinders are the four cardinal components of each braking system. However they cannot play together without the fulcrum of the entire system: the brake fluid.

Typically, its level is checked and toped up only when it has fallen below the minimum mark. However this does not avoid the risk of “vapour lock”, the formation of vapour bubbles when a brake fluid boils. This problem occurs when the brake fluid absorbs moisture over time, as a result of the porosity of the brake circuit tubes, thereby drastically reducing its boiling point.

Vapour lock” means, the pedal goes all the way down. As the fluid cannot pass on the pressure, the vapour bubble is just simply compressed in the hydraulic circuit. It is also called a “spongy pedal” with the result of less efficient braking.

To avoid this, it is essential to replace the brake fluid within the time limit recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. However, not all brake fluids have the same properties. With its Premium Brake Fluid range, Brembo is not content to simply meet regulatory standards but rather introduces new concepts.

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