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Campro MAC2

Campro MAC2

215/70-15 109 (fino a 1030kg)
Roll resistance E Wet grip A Noise emissions 2 71.0 dB
R: fino a 170km/h
Pneumatici estiviPneumatici estivi
€ 109,11
+ € 2,30 Eco tassa
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Prodotto: R-348407
Prezzo IVA inclusa
Franco spese di spedizione
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Campro MAC2

A tyre for camping professionals, meeting the demands of comfort, durability and performance

  • Double steel belt to prevent the warping of tyres during storage
  • Reinforced sidewall carcass to prevent bulges and offer lengthened tyre life
  • Intricate tread pattern to get you from motorway to marsh and back again

The camping professional (Campro MAC2) tyre was especially developed to fulfil the everyday demands of modern camping vehicles. These include good cushioning properties and a very stable carcass structure for carrying heavier loads. Furthermore, the tyre offers quiet noise emissions, greatly increasing long-distance comfort.

Pneumatico Pneumatici estiviPneumatici estivi
Indice di velocità R: fino a 170km/h
Indice di carico 109 (fino a 1030kg)
Dimensioni dei pneumatici: 215/70-15
Etichetta pneumatici UE
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