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Car-Bags Set Nissan Qashqai '07-'14 (incl. facelift 2010)


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Car-Bags Set Nissan Qashqai '07-'14 (incl. facelift 2010)

3 trolley bags - 63 liter per bag
3 travel bags - 40 liter per bag

Travel bags for Nissan Qashqai

General product information Car-Bags set:

  • Every Car-Bags set consists out of an under layer of handy trolley bags with wheels and telescoping handle. On top of this comes a layer of matching hand bags.
  • Various protectors provide durable protection at the bottom, vulnerable edges and corners of each bag.
  • All zipper pullers are equipped with eyes, so that they can be locked with a small padlock.
  • Each trolley is equipped with a practical telescoping handle and sturdy wheels with rubber tires.
  • Each trolley has 2 lashing straps at the inside to keep the contents firmly in place.
  • Each hand bag has convenient adjustable shoulder straps.

Easy storage:

  • Each Car-Bags set is fully collapsible - unlike hard cases - and therefore easy to store in house.
  • But also on your holiday destination, it is extremely handy if your empty bags use up as little space as possible.

Travel more safely thanks to Car-Bags.com:

  • You will travel safer thanks to Car-Bags.com: because of the optimal filling of the boot space there will be less need to store dangerous loose luggage in the passenger compartment of the car.

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